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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bitdefender Mobile security Premium free 1 Year License

Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium will keep your Android device protected against viruses, without affecting your battery life. It works so seamlessly with Android, you’ll hardly know it’s even there!

Good news for Android users who wish to keep their device secure & safe, Bitdefender is offering a one year License  of Bitdefender Mobile security Premium (Android) free for over a limited time period.
Bitdefender Mobile security Premium or Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus is a light weight security suite for Android devices that protects the device from both online & offline security threats with less impact on system battery.

Bitdefender Mobile security contains four tools or modules : Malware Scanner, Privacy Advisor , Web Security and Anti-Theft.

Bitdefender Mobile security Premium free 1 Year License

The Malware Scanner tool allows you to scan for malware or viruses and malicious apps on your Android, if the scanner detects any malware on your device, it will be listed and provides an option to remove or uninstall malicious apps. The option “Scan storage on mount” (re) scans your phone’s storage every time it is mounted, such as after it is connected to a computer or replaced.

Privacy Advisor gives you detailed info about what your installed apps are doing in the background without your knowledge. It even provides a score reviewing your application based on the danger level of their clues. If thr Privacy score is lower , it indicates there are some dangerous apps installed on your device that you should take care off.

When the Web Security tool is turned on, it will keep you safe against rogue/malicious sites and their traps while you browse the Internet, no matter what browser you use : chrome or default Android browser.
Whenever you access a site that contains phishing, fraud, malware or simply isn’t trusted, Web security module kicks in to warn you about it.

The Anti-Theft tool helps you to find misplaced phone or tab, when this module is activated you can remotely track your lost device and lock it or even prevent your sensitive data falling into the hands of bad by wiping your Android device.

Anti-theft tool module is categorized into two parts: Web control and SMS control. Through Web control, in case the device gets lost or stolen, you can use all the Anti-Theft features (remote locate, lock and wipe) from my.bitdefender.com and all you need is the PIN number that you created.

SMS control will work on Android phones or tabs with GSM hardware, for this you have to choose a ‘trusted phone number’ for the SMS command service. The trusted number will receive notifications when the SIM card in the phone is changed, and is also the only number allowed to issue the WIPE command through SMS. But make sure you enter the phone number along with country code , for instance in Indonesia you must start with +62.

For effective functioning of Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus app, make sure bitdefender mobile security is fully configured:
1. Set up a password for Anti-Theft
2. Review the available SMS commands,
3. Use the mybitdfender console,
4. Test the call-me-back feature

Bitdefender Mobile security Premium free 1 Year License2

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus Free 1 Year license:

Note : Refer Update 2

To get a 180 day license of Bitdefender Mobile security Premium , just visit this Bitdefender one million install promo page, then enter your email address & captcha code .You will receive the license key worth $5 from Bitdefender with in a few minutes, copy the activation code.

Now install the Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus on your device through Google play, launch the app and tap the ‘ upgrade to premium’ option, you will be forwarded to Google wallet for payment, cancel it.On cancelling the payment, you will be directed to apps ‘ Golbal settings’,  tap on “Extend Premium plan” and select the option I already have a key, then enter the license key you received.

Update :  The Promo has been re-launched, now this promotion will end on December 23, 2013.

Update 2 [February 25/2014]  : Above promo has expired, but now you can get one year license of Bitdefender Mobile security for free with German Facebook fan page, just visit this link  , then  hit the ‘Like’ button, enter your email address and click on the “kostenlose lizenz” button.

With in few seconds, you will receive a email from Bitdefender with the license code for the Mobile security , copy the license code  (Der Lizenzschlüssel ist) and get the app from Google play or from above link, then use the code as specified in update 1.

Tip: It seems the same license key can be used on many devices, I activated the app on 3 devices with the same code.

Bitdefender Mobile security Premium free 1 Year License3

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