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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Pdf Tool Giveaway: FREE Avanquest PDF Experte 9 Ultimate (£40.84)

  • Avanquest PDF Experte 9 is the professional pdf tool which provides you the quickly and easily way to create, convert, edit and view 100% industry-standard PDF files. It’s the complete, affordable PDF alternative to Adobe Acrobat! This giveaway you can get FREE Avanquest PDF Experte 9 Ultimate!
    Pdf Tool Giveaway: FREE Avanquest PDF Experte 9 Ultimate (£40.84)
  • Create PDF files from any printable PC application; Word, Excel, Pictures, Photos etc.
  • Create several PDF files in one single operation
  • Merge Multiple Documents – Combine files from various applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) into a single PDF
  • One-Click PDF creation from Microsoft® Office
  • Creates 100% industry-standard PDF files
  • Send PDFs automatically by e-mail
  • Text-Editing – Cut, copy, paste and edit text
  • Graphic-Editing – Add images, shapes & notes to your PDFs
  • Add watermarks, headers and footers
  • Insert, delete, rotate and crop PDF pages
  • Add interactive features such as links and bookmarks
  • Document Management – Use Bates Numbering to index documents with time, date, copyrights or unique coding for easy identification and file retrieval
  • PDF to Word Conversion – one-click conversion of any PDF file into a document that can be read and modified in Microsoft Word for easy editing
  • Save documents as popular file formats; JPG, TIF, GIF etc.
New Features For Version 9

  • Optimised PDF engine for graphic and font rendering
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office 2013
  • Optimise and reduce PDF File size
  • Edit PDF/A files
  • Standardise PDF tasks with automated actions
  • 64 bits version
  • Manipulate PDF documents using Java scripting
  • Conforms to PDF 1.7 and upcoming PDF 2.0 ISO Standards
How to get a FREE license key of Avanquest PDF Experte 9 Ultimate?
Step 1: Access the Giveaway page here, enter your information then click “Hier erhalten Sie Ihre Seriennummer” button:
Step 2: Check your email to click the link “klicken Sie bitte hier
Step 3: Get your licensen key!
Download by this link:


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